Estate Car Popularity?? - Dude - {P}
Recently road tested a new A4 1.8T,(no intention of buying one) and was very surprised when the salesman told me that within the A4 range, 60% of their sales are estate cars, which seems a very high proportion to me.!!

Just wondered if this was a local quirk with buyers here in the South West????

Estate Car Popularity?? - googolplex
I suspect Passat and certainly Volvo would report even higher percentages so its interesting how some makes attract estate buyers and not others. But, off the top of my head, I too am surprised that more than half of A4s are estate. Its not even a very big one as far as I can see.
Estate Car Popularity?? - Altea Ego
No its a country wide thing. The britts have always been partial to esates. Supposed to exude a bit more class, make people think you are a member of the huntin/shootin/fishin brigade, you know two black labs and a brace of pheasants or partridges hanging in the back window.

All tosh of course, a lot of \"estate style\" cars dont have room for the partridge let alone a brace of labs.

I mean would I swap my laguna for the estate version. Bet your boots....................
Estate Car Popularity?? - hillman
My last three cars were all hatchbacks, which is really an estate. My present is a Subaru Legacy estate. The benfit is that I can fit in ten bin bags full of garden rubbish to take to the tip. I can also fit in my grandson's bike when it is too rainy to ride to school, shortly I might have to fit grandaughter's too. You can't do that with a saloon.
With all of the benefits there is the handicap that you can't hide anything. Don't suggest using the cover, it is an advertisment that you have something valuble under it, whether you have or not. I did that once and lost the back screen to one of our 'friends'.
Estate Car Popularity?? - DL
Estate cars rule - the A4 being a very stylish one to boot. So east to load with shopping etc....

The new A4 Avant looks great IMO - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Estate Car Popularity?? - DL
PS - I agree with you regarding the loadspace cover...... - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Estate Car Popularity?? - RogerL
If the logic for an estate, or hatchback, is that boot contents can be seen if not using a cover and suspicious if using the cover, does this mean that a saloon is more secure than a hatchback, MPV or estate, all else being equal?
Estate Car Popularity?? - DL
For ultimate loadspace security the saloon wins hands-down - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Estate Car Popularity?? - LongDriver {P}
Renault Family: The current 'Gooner estate is a much better car than the hatchback, IMHO! Well worth the premium in price.

Horses for courses though...
Estate Car Popularity?? - Ivor E Tower
...and why are so many manufacturers producing "lifestyle" estates with severely sloping tailgates that compromise luggage carrying? New Laguna is a good (bad) example; current Merc C and E class estates are also worse in this respect that their predecessors. No wonder the sales of full-size MPV's are on the up!

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