Cars from the Channel Islands - Roger Jones
One of my sisters is on the point of buying a Ford Focus, a demonstrator with 2000 miles on the clock, brought in from Guernsey. Given the limitations on motoring in the Channel Islands, what should she look out for? Perhaps there's nothing to worry about on a nearly new car, but . . .
Cars from the Channel Islands - Aprilia
In 1993 an uncle of mine bought a ex-CI Fiesta. It was a few months old with a couple of 1000 miles on it. No particular problems different from any other Ford. Lots of them are ex-rental.

CI has narrow roads, so check for scrapes. Obviously near the sea, but unless its been driven into the water I can't see a couple of months exposure to sea causing too much of a problem.
Cars from the Channel Islands - Godfrey H {P}
Almost certainly ex-rental tax dodge. Inspect trim and bodywork closely for abuse.
Cars from the Channel Islands - MartynG
Most "demonstrators" from CI are, indeed, ex retal fleet vehicles. Once upon a time manufacutures agreed a buy back price with the rental company at the begining of the season.

Remember that CI is part of the EU for customs duty purposes (provided that you have the correct certificate of origin (so no import duty) but not for VAT - you will have to pay this in UK on importation.
Cars from the Channel Islands - looking4car
I bought an ex Geurnsey rental car Fiat Uno in 1990.

I bought it at auction, and the previous owner was 'Fiat UK', supporting the earlier post about manufacturers buying them back or doing some kind of short lease.

It was like new and had 2,000 on the clock. I remember getting it for about 66% of retail price. 3300 against 5000. This was a good discount at the time.

Car was fine and kept it in the family for 11 years with no troubles.
Cars from the Channel Islands - Dynamic Dave


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