VW Passat climate control - wonderwheels
Strange fault a couple of nights ago.Turned on my headlights. dash etc illuminated but the climate control did not.Thought it may have been a loose wire, but then noticed that the ambient temp wasn't displayed just 2 x ** on the screen. Later on when I used the car again fault had cleared and climate control illuminated. Any suggestions???
VW Passat climate control - Malcolm_L
Virtually the same fault occurred in mine about 2 weeks ago, I noticed that ambient temperature wasn't there.
It went in for a service last week and they replaced the climate control unit.

This was under warranty so I didn't ask too many questions, I was more concerned with the turbo being replaced!
VW Passat climate control - wonderwheels
Malcolm,my Turbo was also replaced approx. 2 months ago. List of problems seems endless. Worst car I have ever bought. Will never buy VW again. Complete carp. Hope your car is going better now.
VW Passat climate control - DL
Hmmmm the very problems I have seen recently too......on VW's

Shame...as once upon a time they were 'safe' buys but I would think twice nowadays..
VW Passat climate control - Malcolm_L
My Passat went in again today - clunk has been tentatively diagnosed as a front suspension balljoint failure.

Vibration as an out of balance turbo (new last week!)

Plus the new intake grill they installed last week fell off on dual carriageway - something not quite right there.

VW's image is starting too look a little tarnished.

VW Passat climate control - Malcolm_L
Mine is going in again - a vibration has set in, together with a disconcerting clunk from the front.

I'm trying to be pragmatic about this, the car has never let me down but I have to drive 20 miles to the nearest dealer, dealer is good but it's still wasted time.

I'm irritated that VW have replaced an a/c control unit, 'contaminated oil cooler' and a turbo without explaining why, so much so that I contacted VW - needless to say no response.

IMHO manufacturers are pushing technology too far, too fast.
Every new generation of car is stronger, lighter, faster and more fuel efficient - you don't get owt for nowt so they are also more complicated and less reliable as a result.

A friend has just picked up a new Laguna diesel, his first service is at 18k, which to me sounds ludicrous, if it were mine I'd change it every 6k but it's a company car so some poor schmuck will inherit the legacy of 18k's worth of town driving
on the original oil.

Mine's up for renewal next year so I'll probably go japanese to get the reliability.
VW Passat climate control - madf
If the clunk is a front wishbone rubber, then you can be sure the other side will fail 6 months later. My Audi had the same problem.

VW Passat climate control - wonderwheels
My car went in to the dealer yesterday.They found nothing stored on the ECU.No fault.Well, I must have imagined it then!!.In 15 months I have had new rear window due to element fail,new Turbo due to intermittent failure,new boot struts,new indicator switch as indicators faulted,and hassle with the temp display not doing what the manual says and a new dashboard as they couldn't stop the creaking.VW????...don't think so.
VW Passat climate control - Aprilia
Creaking dashboard comes as standard in these - the new one will start to creak in due course! Try a bit of silicone spray around all the mounting edges.
VW Passat climate control - andymc {P}
Thanks for the tip Aprilia - my Leon had developed a slightly creaky dash which tightening only provided a temporary solution for. I had it sorted under FOC warranty today thanks to your suggestion. Perfectly silent when I picked it up!
VW Passat climate control - Malcolm_L
Well, the cars back - clunk and vibration have gone,
No work sheet and according to reception it's warranty work.

Only another 10 months to go.

Thanks for the support guys.
VW Passat climate control - Craig_1969
I have a 1.9tdi Passat 1999 bought at 58k 14 months ago and now 93k.

Nothing has gone wrong. Only expenditure has been on a new cam belt, tyres and basic servicing. Mine seems bullet proof.

VW Passat climate control - DL
1997 A4 TDi 110......great car, no problems yet!

I have the Pierburg MAF and not the troublesome Bosch one!

Climate control works fine aswell.....fingers crossed.

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