Will the real Chris Watson... - Martyn [Back Room moderator]
...please stand up?

Chris, there's no way that the claims you've made in The Back Room can *all* be true. Apart from anything else, the dates just don't hold together. I don't have either the time or the inclination to go back through every one of your posts and make a proper analysis, but there's more than a few of your fellow correspondents who do, and who are beginning to be exasperated by your presence.

There's no rule here which says that a Back Room correspondent has to tell the truth, though it would make life easier if everyone did. But the least you could do, Chris, would be to try to make your stories consistent. Anything other than that is taking the pee out of the rest of us, and that is insulting.

So please try not to insult us any more. Thanks
Re: Will the real Chris Watson... - chris watson
i do invent things now and again (99 percent of it is useless), i am a mechanic, and i do have a few old bangers in the driveway/garage.
Re: Will the real Chris Watson... - FJG
Were you not a 21 year-old male looking for insurance for a Lada Riva, and president of the Lada Riva owner's club, or suffering second rate brake repairs in North Carolina in 1984?(as a 4-year-old)
Good value contributions though!
Re: Will the real Chris Watson... - chris watson
the 21 one year old is a member of the club, not me. i am old enough (when you get to this age who would tell)
Re: Will the real Chris Watson... - Jonathan

you are both the same person.

The ISPs are the same as is the quasi email address.

If you are a mechanic (and I am not saying that you aren't), why did you ask for advise on how to get a lada car back on the road one month ago and fit a new engine in a mates Rover?

I better not come to your garage.....

This site is not a substitute for friends. :-)

Re: Will the real Chris Watson... - chris watson
i know that the isp's are the same, i asked the question for him, as he has not the web.
Re: Will the real Chris Watson... - Darcy Kitchin
Can anyone explain what's going on, I'm lost
Re: Will the real Chris Watson... - David Woollard
get off my back.
Author: chris watson (---.cache.pol.co.uk)
Date: 07-09-01 10:55

the first thing is, my job is real, the second thing is, i am not a stupid git like the the rest of the idiots on this forum (DW, and that bloody andy bairsto), i am a real person, i dont like some of you, and i hope that horrible things happen to the cars of the people mentioned.


At least you didn't get the curse of the north. That's what comes of being a really nice chap.

Re: Will the real Chris Watson... - Darcy Kitchin

Hey, don't disturb me, I'm still looking out of my office window for the 37 mph Volvo 340. I've plenty of time to do this as, obviously being office-based, I do no work. Grrrr.
Re: Will the real Chris Watson... - chris watson
did i say that darcy did no work, i think not.
Re: Will the real Chris Watson... - Darcy Kitchin

previous post "my job" - the implication is clear

signed, Mr. Paranoia
Re: Will the real Chris Watson... - Rebecca
Where's Carole?!

Aren't us girls supposed to be helping to stop the bickering? (was never sure how that worked...)

Guys, if you don't like this kind of thing don't reply to deliberate wind ups/insults (unless you've got something seriously funny to say, of course!)
Wars - Chris (no, not that one)

We can't help it. It's the testosterone,you know. ANY kind of challenge and we're off, like farm dogs barking at bicycles.

Re: Will the real Chris Watson... - Martyn [Back Room moderator]
For once, Rebecca, I don't think this is bickering. (And thank goodness, I say!)

OK, everyone, the real Chris Watson has owned up to the occasional fib. let's be honest about this -- he's been good value for the past few weeks when things have been glum, so let's ease up on him, shall we?

Enjoy your weekend!
Re: Will the real Andy stand up - Mary A Rose
All we need now is for the real Andy to stand up and reveal himself. And his two lady friends Truly, and Glad. All with the same address:

Happy Days are here again Andy from IP address

Truly Glad youve gone from IP address

Truly Glad youve gone from IP address
Re: Will the real Andy stand up - Andrew Hamilton
As an occassional poster I did not realise how carefully people checked your posts - even down to your IP address! Guess there is no hiding place.
I take it the Andy referred to above it not me!
Re: Will the real Andy stand up - Alvin Booth
Professors and inventors are usually eccentric and unusual.
We do have a tendancy in our nation to pour scorn on their ideas until they are proven and I feel Andy (bless him) is no exception.
In my area Frank Whittle and Barnes Wallis were ignored until it was "cometh the time,cometh the man" and I feel Andy's time has yet to arrive.
He is constantly pushing the cutting edge of technolgy with ideas such as his wind generator and perpetual motion, and one day you may all be pushing forward in the book shop for his autograph.
The poor lad is being labelled as the back rooms "Billy Liar" but I feel we will all be singing his praises sometime in the future and telling all our friends that we once knew this little genius.
Good on yer Chris, keep them coming..

Re: Will the real Andy stand up - John Slaughter

Difference is that their ideas were based on sound scientific principles.


Oh No... - Micky
.....not another rebel on HJ's site, how can this be allowed to continue? More regulation please!!


Re: Right, that's enough - Carole Adams
Well, Rebecca, Class HJ are a bright lot but since that young lad Chris was moved up a year into this class we have been having some some fall outs - we'd better have a word.

Now Chris - what's the matter? They've been getting at you? Well I think it's because you've been teasing them isn't it? Some of your projects have been getting a bit silly, now haven't they? - and the other boys are trying to get on with their work. What do you mean, Martyn got cross with you? Well he is the Message Monitor, he was only doing his job - and look, he's friends with you again now. David Woollard - well he's got lots of projects to do and he doesn't want you putting him off when he's trying to do his work. Darcy *has* been doing his work, so don't tell tales. Andy Bairsto just got a bit frustrated with you, that's all, and anyway Alvin has said he'll help you with your homework. And you can't blame Guy, he's on his holidays - remember he said he'd bring us all some rock back to share? - no he isn't teacher's pet, just because he gave me a virtual apple once. There's just one more thing - we don't want any more of that naughty swearing, it's not big and it's not clever. Now this is a shame, because you've done some interesting work lately, and I think the other boys liked some of your earlier stuff. No, I'm not picking on you, I'm going to talk to the other boys in a minute, you go and get on with your project. What is it this week? A lie detector that runs on LPG? That's nice dear: show it to me when it's finished. Off you go .

OK the rest of you. I know he's been tormenting you but it's just because he wants to be grown up like you and play in the big yard. You're the big boys in the class and you should know better. Just ignore him next time if he starts to tell fibs but don't forget he has told some good jokes to cheer us up.

I don't want to have to say any of this again: let's all make up and be friends now. If there's any more of this arguing I'll have to keep you all in after school, and Mr. John won't like that, will he?

Now all of you go and get on with this week's question: "How can I remove a compacted potato from the exhaust of a Chieftain tank?" No copying now.

So Rebecca - how about a swift half down the Cat and Cam Shaft when the bell goes? I hear they've got a new ale on, Old Speckled Testosterone. It's a bit of a heady brew mind - perhaps we'd better stick to gin?

(Is this the right place for a big fat smiley?)
Re: Right, that's enough - Darcy Kitchin

Thank you for brightening up my Saturday morning.
Re: Right, that's enough - chris watson
sorry miss, i wont do it again.
Re: Right, that's enough - chris watson
i was only telling off D.W and A.B, not anyone else, honestly.
Whay have I done right... or wrong?? - Stuart B
Dear me, obviously I will have to try harder to become a renegade, perhaps comments were too oblique?
Hey ho.
Re: Will the real Andy stand up - Stu
Careful John, or it's detention for you.

Value my car