New Audi A3 and Oil - winston
Hi there,

Been driving the new A3 for a month and a half and in the first three weeks the oil indicator light came on, took it back to the dealer and they checked it out, topped it up with oil and then said this was normal that the oil light may come on during the first few thousand miles. It's now a month and a half and the oil light came on again last night.

Is this really normal for Audi's to do this? I mean we are in the 21st century. I have had cars in the past where I never topped up the oil, never had to. Is it because it's new?

Any advice would be grateful. The dealer did give me some top up oil on my last oil visit but surely I don't have to keep topping the damn thing up every 5 minutes. If so, who wants to my a new A3 with 2,500 on the clock?

It's petrol by the way!
New Audi A3 and Oil - Dizzy {P}
I can't help, except to mention that my new Rover 75 CDT has covered just under 3000 miles and the oil is only a touch below 'maximum' on the dipstick.

I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for new engines to use a 'drop' of oil but having to top up twice in 2500 miles seems a bit much.

You don't say how much oil was needed; I hope you are not burning enough to jeopardise the catalyst. Is it a case of burning a lot of oil, or is the indicator light coming on a bit early?
New Audi A3 and Oil - Dizzy {P}
Ah, I think I've spotted part of the problem, having just read your earlier postings about getting caught doing over 100 mph in your three-week-old car!
New Audi A3 and Oil - winston
I'm not sure how much they put in, but the garage did say it was normal to top up the oil. They have only given me a small top up bottle. I'll take a look at lunch time to see the level.

Mind you, the bosses at the company where I work have also had this problem and they drive A4 and A6's. Maybe it's just an Audi thing?

I'll speak with my dealer again today to see what the crack is!
New Audi A3 and Oil - st1
What does the handbook say as regards oil consumption? Is the amount you are having top up with within the tolerance stated in the handbook?

Also, have you made sure you are running in the engine in accordance with the handbook instructions?

I have a new A4 130 1.9Tdi and it used just under a litre in the first 10,000 miles, but at no time was the oil level actually low, certainly not so low that the light came on.

Check your oil weekly, especially if you know it's using oil, i.e. don't wait until the light comes on. Hope this helps.
New Audi A3 and Oil - winston
Just contacted the dealer and they say this is normal. They say 1 litre in the first 600 miles which is what happened and then another litre after 1200 miles which has happened. The oil light reads 'min' by the way and not 'low'.

About the 100mph, I think doing 100 in a four old car will not break the engine.

New Audi A3 and Oil - Aprilia
Winston - I would keep a close eye on this and not let the garage fob you off. If the oil consumption doesn't drop right back after 3000 miles then be ready for a fight with the garage.
I really don't think a modern engine should use 2 litres of oil in its first 1200 miles of operation.
New Audi A3 and Oil - winston
Don't worry about that. I'll fight tooth and nail. In my view I have driven the car in a responsible manner, except for the 101mph blip which won't break an engine.
New Audi A3 and Oil - eMBe {P}
look up
and also do as CMark says there "...Try a forum search on Acceptable Oil Consumption. Plenty of comment there, .."

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New Audi A3 and Oil - winston
Just read that post, thanks m8,

Seems that this seems to happen alot with new cars. I will monitor this quite closely over the next few weeks!
New Audi A3 and Oil - winston
Here are a few pics of my new Audi. Still a nice car though!
New Audi A3 and Oil - Canon Fodder

Winston - nice motor, but's what's that dark patch on the stones, directly under he sump?

New Audi A3 and Oil - Vagelis
"Is this really normal for Audi's to do this?"

I'd say perfectly normal!!

Check out past threads on this forum and you'll see that Audi seems to have a problem with oil consumption on some of its engines.

New Audi A3 and Oil - winston
It does seem to be this way, as I said earlier, some of my bosses cars have the exact same problem. I will monitor it though!
New Audi A3 and Oil - eMBe {P}
winsston - no pics of the backside of your A3. Why? Is it not J-Lo?
New Audi A3 and Oil - winston
It\'s when I got home and posted them on my site, I said pink fluffy dice
forgot to do the back. It\'s a 2.0 Sport
New Audi A3 and Oil - winston
Pink Fluffy Dice! :(
New Audi A3 and Oil - Dynamic Dave
Pink Fluffy Dice! :(



for details.

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New Audi A3 and Oil - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
My Passat diesel ,same engine as Audi, used a fair bit of oil early in it's life (couple of litres betwen services) but at 37,000 sems to have eased off. 2000 miles in France in 38C ambients and only just off the MAX.


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