Unusual entry on V5 - JohnX
Does anyone know what this means on the V5?
Vehicle- an Almera 1998 from a home dealer with 52000 miles on the clock and 2 previous owners.
Everything else seemed alright until I saw the V5.
Apart fron the names and addresses of the 2 previous owners,it had this entry on two places in the V5 ie
"Previously Registered and/or used elsewhere in the UK"
The seller didnt seem to have any idea about what it what when I asked him.
He said that the Hpi check had been done though it wasnt with him.
Any clues on whats going on anyone?
Thanks in advance.

Unusual entry on V5 - M.M
Don't know about the V5 but there is only one proper HPI check...one done by yourself today.

I've seen folks refer to a car being HPI'd and when you look the certificate is for the last time it was sold 12 months ago!

Unusual entry on V5 - Hugo {P}
Before you do an HPI check, get the chassis number off the car (not the V5), check it against the V5 and contact a Nissan garage to get the MY confirmed.

My mum's Almera was originally registered in southern Ireland before having UK plates on it, she bought it from a catholic priest. So it's probably nothing sinister.


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Unusual entry on V5 - Dwight Van Driver
Have the same on V5 for the XR3i but "used overseas"

It was imported to GB at 4 months old having been used as a Hire Car in Jersey.

DVLA site on the Web has an E Mail contact address. Put it to them after checking VIN and Engine Numbers against paperwork you have.

Unusual entry on V5 - DavidHM
More than likely this car was used in Northern Ireland. It's possible it's also been the subject of a cherished number transfer but that's unlikely.

In the end, if you have any doubts about a car's history, HPI it - or get the AA to do it here: tinyurl.com/ahxe
Unusual entry on V5 - dodo
Yes Northern Ireland is still (only just mind you) part of the UK. If you bring a car from NI to the mainland you can opt to have ot registred with a mainland registration number with the correct number. Several years ago I bought my mum in law in Farnham an immaculate Rover which when I brought it over from NI went onto an 'M' instead of IIL. By the way second cars are much cheaper here than in the rest of the UK!


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