Laguna accident +Brakes - Altea Ego
Arghhhhhh - Accident in the Laguna. Did the old trick of rear ending somone at a roundabout, you know the one, theres a gap, hes gone, theres a gap I go OH NO he is still there.

Anyway, Knocked the the rear bumper off a x reg nissan almera or sunny thingy. The laguna just has some dirty scuff marks on the front bumper (must have been about 10mph speed) so it survived really well. EXCEPT THE BRAKES

They didnt feel right while standing on them during accident and now seem distinctly odd to me. I can sit in the car with the engine running, and press the brake pedal hard, and it will slowly sink till the pedal touches the floor. Pump them up and they go hard, only to sink to the floor slowly again if you keep pressing. Does not happen if the car is turned off.
They seem alright in use while going along but they now worry me
No warning lights, no loss of brake fluid, no sign of fluid leaking from calipers/hoses

Thoughts please
Laguna accident +Brakes - Dwight Van Driver
Master brake cylinder duff?

Laguna accident +Brakes - Aprilia
Funnily enough I heard a similar story about Laguna brake problems somewhere else - I'll try to get the details.
Laguna accident +Brakes - GRowlette
That's it.
Laguna accident +Brakes - Hugo {P}
Get your brakes checked quickly!

See, at least the disco stops. It may not get going again though!

Laguna accident +Brakes - Altea Ego
Stops ok

(with the aid of a nissan in front)

it does feel like master cylinder.
Laguna accident +Brakes - Altea Ego

Luguna has been lifted away on the back of an AA low loader, AA mans comments "master cylinder gone mate"

As an accident was involved, now the subject of Litigation between H&S at my company, leasing company, third party I hit, and Renault.

So cant comment any more, Moderator you may wish to lock this tread or delete it as you wish.
Laguna accident +Brakes - Altea Ego
Ok closure to this incident.

As described, accident, my fault. As this is the first time I have used the brakes "in anger" so to speak my mind was directed towards how the brakes felt "different" in emergency use.

Sitting stationary in car brake pedal can be made to sink slowly to the floor. Not normal I think.

Off to renault dealer, where I plead for 5 mins of a technical body just to confirm if this is normal or not, or a sit in another laguna to compare brake pedal behaviour. Refused - point blank and they got very hostile.

So inform my leasing comany that I am not happy with the brakes, and AA man arrived in half an hour. feels the brake pedal, states he thinks master cylinder gone, and off the car goes to renault dealer on a low loader.

Renault dealer finally look at car, check it, (and to their credit) take it to an MOT test centre for a brake test output.
State nothing wrong. I get hostile and tell them this is not the answer I want.

Leasing company get involved again, and arrange meeting with me and the regional Renault technical expert. We meet, and says "yes this pedal behaviour is normal, we get comments about it all the time. The booster is maintaining pressure, and wont let go till the pedal is lifted and the pedal top switch is released. We changed loads of master cylinders till Renault tech support pointed out how it operates" "let sit in another I say"
Fine, we do, and its exactly the same.

We go for a road test, him and I, and I do a few full blown 60MPH brake tests. Yes it feels different but it stops more than well enough.

So moral of story

The accident was wholly my fault.
Brakes have an inconsistent feel at times, but work well none the less.
Renault dealer xxxxx of xxxxxxxx is still carp. They were 5 years ago and they havent improved. 10 mins of someones time and some customer care would have saved a lot of agro and expense.
Get the right renault people involved and you can get attention.
Three days of driving a Focus 1.6 Zetec have convinced me how good the Laguna is, I welcome the French floosey back with open arms.
The Laguna is a place to have an accident. Its barely marked despite doing a restyling job on a Nissan.

Welcome back Lola, your honour is intact.

Laguna accident +Brakes - commerdriver
If the "booster" (presumably engine driven) is maintaining pressure what effect will this have if you are being towed somewhere with the engine off. (or is my lack of technical understanding missing something?)
Laguna accident +Brakes - Altea Ego
The same as any other car with a servo.(most cars sold these days). There is no booster or servo assistance with the engine off. The brake pedal will be very hard and require very heavy pressure to apply brakes, but they should work.
Laguna accident +Brakes - smokie
"Renault dealer xxxxx of xxxxxxxx is still carp."

Why draw this conclusion?

I presume you went back and apologised for your hostility when they "check it, (and to their credit) take it to an MOT test centre for a brake test output. State nothing wrong." and this is later confirmed by a Renault technician? And did you offer to pay for the time and effort involved in your mistake?

I can fully understand why they didn't want to get involved in the first place...

I'm not trying to have a personal go at you, but this attitude is prevalent today - and costs companies lots of time and money.

Laguna accident +Brakes - Altea Ego
Read section

Off to renault dealer, where I plead for 5 mins of a technical body just to confirm if this is normal or not, or a sit in another laguna to compare brake pedal behaviour. Refused - point blank and *they* got very hostile.

5 mins of TLC and "yes sir they all do that" would have solved the problem.

Laguna accident +Brakes - DavidHM
Smokie and RF, you're both regulars and high quality posters but I'm with RF on this one. I think I'd find it difficult not to be a bit aggressive if, after an accident I felt (rightly or wrongly, at that stage I'd have no way of knowing) the brakes on my car hadn't performed and the dealer was giving me the complete brush off.

Only when the leasing company (i.e., a big customer, more than just me and my one car) got involved did the dealer's attitude change.

The car is sold with a warranty and when problems, real or imagined, arise, they need to be dealt with promptly and courteously. If only the big customers get that kind of service, that simply isn't good enough.

I'm not saying that the customer is always right but when the customer is wrong, he or she still needs to leave satisfied and believe that the supplier is behaving reasonably; or at least given the chance to feel that.
Laguna accident +Brakes - Andrew-T
As a matter of interest, RF, is the Renault dealer you refer to a 'big' one with flashy premises, or an old-style family-size business? There is a dealer in Rochdale which is still one of the latter type, with showroom space for about 5 cars and outside display space for another 7 (small) ones. Service seems to be good though.
Laguna accident +Brakes - Aprilia

Note my post above (3rd down). I have heard quite a few stories about Laguna brakes and I think they have indeed changed a few master cylinders. Quite why the system behaves like this is a puzzle to me - it is most disconcerting.
Laguna accident +Brakes - Altea Ego
The dealer involved is one of a multi chain. Funny enough I normaly go to one further away (also part of a another multichain) where the service and attention is much better.

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