Just an aside... - tunacat
Anyone familiar with Richard Scarry's books for children?

Every time I see the front of Daewoo Tacuma, I get this flashback to - an upright vacuum cleaner, I think!

(And nothing to do with Scarry, but the Ford Scorpio: - Arnold Ridley in the closing credits of Dad's Army)

Just an aside... - Kuang
Heh.. I think my Skoda was built by an army of dungaree wearing cats - seven nap breaks a day is the only thing that could explain the build quality ;)

Interesting new feature idea btw - 'cars that look like famous people'. I can feel a SniffPetrol attack coming on ;)
Just an aside... - J Bonington Jagworth
Absolutely, tunacat! My older children wore out their 'Best Storybook Ever' and I had to find another for the youngest. Local bookshop said "sorry, out of print" - Amazon got it immediately.

Scarry's drawings are wonderful, IMHO, and the perfect introduction to all sorts of vehicles (and drivers - remember Dingo Dog?)
Just an aside... - Ian (Cape Town)
Robber Soup - set in paris, with a jewel thief rabbit, hiding in the soup vat... Brilliant car pics, great attention to detail on the Gerdarme... Junior says it's the best book ever, so daddy gets to read it to her at least 5 times a day... (and where IS Lowly Worm?)
Just an aside... - Mondaywoe
Don't ask me why, but every time I see the back end of a Punto (especially a black one) I think of a coal scuttle......

(Sorry Punto owners)

Just an aside... - Mondaywoe
Also..... my sister used to have a Riley Elf (It's still in my garage - any takers?) We christened it 'Mavis' after Mavis in Coronation Street. She was Mavis Riley before she married Derek Wilton.... (Keep up! Keep up! Wot d'yer mean showin my age? If I was 2 years younger I'd show you.....)

Anyway, the car was exactly like Mavis - temperamental, indecisive (especially about starting) and made plaintiff whimpering sounds when harassed!

Any other car/people similarities?

Just an aside... - Vansboy
Graeme, didn't the Japanese market, have a thing about buying Elfs'/Elves & Austin 11/1300's, in their up-market BL marques, a year or two back?

Just an aside... - Mondaywoe
Yes- I think the Japanese had something of a love affair with these ugly ducklings! Must put an ad in the Nagasaki Evening Post......

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