Zetec 1.25 - Grease_monkey
When i start my car from cold it revs up to just over 2000rpm then slowly drops down to above 1000rpm. Surely this can't be right. any suggestions?
Zetec 1.25 - DL
Probably....I will check the next 1.25 I see......but I don't always get to see them cold.

Sounds a little high to me, but I wouldn't take the tachometer as gospel, anyway.
Zetec 1.25 - Grease_monkey
Cheers DL. A engine starting up from cold i know will rev alittle bit but surely not as much as mine does. I dont want it doing this when it is for example -10 during winter and there is no oil in the oil galleries because the engine has not been used.
Zetec 1.25 - Dynamic Dave
IIRC, there's a previous thread on this problem. Can't find it at the moment though, but from vague memory the ECU just needed a software upgrade from Ford.
Zetec 1.25 - Grease_monkey
Thanks Dave but how much is a ECU software upgrade?

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