'Legality' of car park signs? - LHM
Hi Guys,

Can anyone advise on whether the various restriction signs erected in private car parks have any legal significance? Supermarket car parks, for example, will frequently have speed limit and turn restriction signs - but do these really mean anything in determining the blame for an accident on private land?

Nothing's happened - just curious..........
'Legality' of car park signs? - cockle {P}
Not sure about the full weight of the law being behind them, would think a bit doubtful as they tend to be private property, but then as the public are there are they private? I believe there is a legal argument about pub car parks in this respect. But I would think that if you were to totally ignore them then it would go towards showing negligence or lack of due care were anything untoward to happen.

'Legality' of car park signs? - Armitage Shanks{P}
I think that the legal position is that the land is owned by the supermarket or whoever, but is legally regarded as 'Public' in that the public are invited to use it, at their own risk, and subject to rules laid down by the owners.

Thus some motorway service areas offer free parking for 2 hours and then there is a charge. Supermarkets are fining people who misuse disabled and mother and child bays (good). One local shopping complex (Currys + B/Q) have imposed a one hour parking limit and are using a private firm to enforce it with swingeing fines and a £1.50p per minute phone line on which to discuss your case!
'Legality' of car park signs? - Dwight Van Driver
Basically road traffic signs on Private land/roads have no legality, But

Is the road private?

This question, to some degree, was discussed at an earlier thread.

See www.tinyurl.com/pxdy

'Legality' of car park signs? - borasport20
Chaps, lord forgive me if i'm wrong, but I think LHM is asking a different question.
He mentions turn and speed limit signs. What is the significance if you ignore one ?.

or an example that exercises my mind, and illustrates what I think he means - a local Asda has a car park with a grid of alternate 'one ways', interspaced with 'two ways' which are signed with a white arrow on blue at one end, and a no entry sign at the other. You do your shopping, come back to the car, you've parked in the middle of the row. Can you remember which way you can go, or is it a two way, which way can you go, does it matter (*) ?

(*) my personal opinion - big store car parks are full of people thinking about other things, dont do more than 15 mph and expect the unexpected

Bora - what Bora ?
'Legality' of car park signs? - Dwight Van Driver
Take your point Brsp20

Speed limit cannot be applied without an Order so if no ordfer signs meaningless. I have never heard of an Order being granted for as Car Park - but things are changing.

Likewise - One way system required authority (IIRC) and again I have never heard of it.

As far as I know SM's do signing to assist customers in navigating their site with some decorum.

'Legality' of car park signs? - LHM
Thanks for the replies, which confirm what I had assumed - namely that such signs are 'advisory', and have no force in law. I would think you'd be very unlucky to accrue points on your licence by failing to observe a 'no right turn' sign at Sainsbury's.........

After all, we are still expected to observe 'normal' road restrictions - even during the Christmas shopping melée!!
'Legality' of car park signs? - pdc {P}
and to confuse it further didn't said asda change the direction of some of the lanes, turning the on road painted arrows into a dual head arrow, looking like no other road marking you have ever seen before?
'Legality' of car park signs? - LongDriver {P}
Basically, as stated above...

no traffic order = no meaning


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