In Dash single cd Player - Armitage Shanks{P}
Small problem with an in-dash CD player; the car is still underwarranty BTW. When playing a CD the device occasionally pauses and the display shows the disc info (No of tracks, duration of disc etc) and then resumes exactly where it left off. The effect is thus like pressing a 'Pause' button and is more annoying than serious. I have tried a lens cleaning disc to no effect so is it off to the dealer for a warranty fix or is there something else I can try first?
In Dash single cd Player - Altea Ego
The CD is "skipping". Ie a bump in the road is knocking the head out of tracking, and the gap in music is the head coming back into the correct spot. This is an indication of poor design - the read ahead buffer is not big enough.

Take it back to the dealer, get an exchange unit, but dont be suprised if it happens on the new one too (if its the same as the old one)
In Dash single cd Player - Armitage Shanks{P}
R.F. Thanks for your reply. I failed to mention that this also occurs when the car is stationary! I sat for 10 minutes yesterday listening to a CD (intermittently) while waiting for a shop to open! Parked up and engine off! I agree that a replacement may be a way forward and I also hear what you say about a replacement being as bad as the one I have. Any more ideas please?
In Dash single cd Player - hxj

Just make sure you are not playing rewritable CDs(CD-RW), many units do not like them.

Does it happen with all CDs or only one or two, if the latter try cleaning the CD. The ones in my car get very dirty, luke warm water and Fairy Liguid works well.
In Dash single cd Player - Armitage Shanks{P}
No, I am playing shop bought CDs. Several re-runs with a lens cleaning disc seem to have reduced the problem to an acceptable level ie 1 'skip' in about 20 minutes. Thanks for the comments!
In Dash single cd Player - John S

Sounds typical of the (domestic) CD players I've had fail. The fault lies with the laser unit, which doesn't have unlimited life. Cleaning gives a temporary reprieve, but it isn't the solution. Eventually it will fail completely.

As it's under warranty try to get it changed.


John S
In Dash single cd Player - NormanB
Has it been like this since you bought the car?

It sounds like a laser alignment problem.
In Dash single cd Player - Armitage Shanks{P}
John S. Thanks for your comment. I have had grief from the supplying dealer and I propose to be back there with every single thing that doesn't work, until the last day of the warranty!

Norman B. Yes it has but 6 runs thru with the cleaning disc has produced a very signigant improvement ie 1 interrupt in 30 minutes, as opposed to 1 every 5 minutes. My options are open. Thanks for your reply.
In Dash single cd Player - Wales Forester
Going on a similar past experience of mine I'd insist that the unit is replaced. Don't let them fob you off as s**'s law guarantees that it will behave until the day after your warranty expires.

In Dash single cd Player - NormanB
I would keep the cleaning info to yourself when you take the car to the dealer. They would most likely blame you for the fault!!

The performance of your unit is not acceptable (hopefully it is consistently bad on all CDs and repeats the symptoms on cue)!!

My guess is the alignment 'is on the cusp' - the 'improvement' on cleaning woiuld seem to confirm that.

Good luck
In Dash single cd Player - Baskerville
Are you sure it's the player and not the disks? Some new CDs have data protection systems that can give the symptoms you describe. I had the new Radiohead album replaced three times and was all set to have the car and the "second" household CD player back under warranty before I realised what was going on. I believe they can be ripped by recording the soundcard output on your PC and that the resulting CD-R is then ok, but I couldn't possibly comment further.
In Dash single cd Player - Armitage Shanks{P}
No, I am playing old run of the mill saddo music! Trad jazz, light classics and all bought not copied and not the new SA-CD format which I don't understand and probably can't afford anyway! The car is going to be at an airport car park for the next week so no further comments or thanks from me for a few days!

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