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Hi All
I have an \'89 Ford Sierra 2000E with automatic transmission - until recently super reliable but now have problem with automatic transmission fluid leaking. When the car is fully warmed up the ATF leaks at an alarming rate out of a small opening on the underside of the starter motor. As long as I keep topping up the ATF the car runs fine but obviously this is only a very short term solution. The starter motor is about 2 years old and works fine.

I don\'t want to replace the starter motor only to find that it isn\'t the root of the problem. Any suggetions?? I am not a great mechanic though I understand the basics and can follow instructions competantly.

I\'d appreciate any feedback from those more knowledgable than myself.


ATF Leaks - billy25
sorry adrian,i don't know enough to help you with your problem,but i was just puzzled as to how the ATF was getting into the starter motor in the first place?,i always thought that being an electrical component,that it would be sealed, could it be possible that the leak is elsewhere,and just running onto the starter and dripping off from there?
ATF Leaks - elekie&a/c doctor
From your description ,I would assume the front auto g/box seal is leaking & atf fluid is being dispersed into bell housing & also into starter location.To do job properly is auto box out ,but it may be worth trying an additive which swells the seal to reduce leaks.(available from most auto shos)
ATF Leaks - frostbite
It's as well the opening is there - otherwise your starter motor would drown and fail because of ATF *coming from somewhere else*.
ATF Leaks - DL
Torque convertor?
ATF Leaks - AdrianM
Thanks for the replies - so quick!

Billy, I too was surpised to see the ATF leaking from the starter motor but it is most definately coming out of the little hole and not seeping from a seal.

Elekie&ac doctor, I think I will try your additive/sealant suggestion, any ideas on product names to look out for? I fear that removal of autobox may start a string of expense which is just not worth it on such an old car.


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