getting SORN'd car back after repair - rawedge
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My car (92 Cit AX) has been SORN'd for about 6 months and is coming back to me tommorrow. It has had a standard replacement engine put in. I have also had it MOT'd and my insurance is sorted so all i need to do is re tax it. Do i just go to the post office on monday with my V5, insurance, MOT, etc and get a new tax disc (by filling in one of there forms) or is there something i have to do first.

also the engine number on the V5 will be wrong because it's had the replacement engine put in it. Can i still tax the car with the V5 with the original engine number on it or am i going to have to send the V5 off first and wait for that to come back (which could take weeks!!!)


getting SORN'd car back after repair - davemar
I wouldn't worry about the engine, just take your current V5, MOT certificate and and insurance down to the post office and get your tax disc ASAP. Far safer to get the disc on there than risk getting fined or the car crushed for not having one. Worry about updating the V5 afterwards. The post office aren't going to check your engine number!

I'm not entirely sure how necessary it is to update the V5 if you have a new (same spec) engine put in. I think its like the mileage section, nice to have to help trace dodgy activities, but not required.

My car had a new head put on the engine a couple of years back, then more recently a new block. So at which stage does it become a new engine?
getting SORN'd car back after repair - Dwight Van Driver
As rawedge says but you must notify DVLA of any change to the registration details which a new engine entails, offence not to do so forthwith.

Are you anywhere near a Local DVLA Office where you could call in and do the business in one foul swoop.

getting SORN'd car back after repair - Hugo {P}
Get the tax disc sorted out, get the car back home and then tell DVLA about the engine change.


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