What is it ? - borasport20
Seen recently on my morning journey into work, from a distance it looks like a narrow Isetta 'bubble car' with (I think) a canvas top and no side windows.

It has two 'open' wheels at the front, and one at the back centrally behind the engine. The one I see also has 2 stabiliser wheels and 'L' plates...!

(description may be a bit inaccurate, as i try to look where i'm going !)

Bora - what Bora ?
What is it ? - mare
possibly a kit car?

I remember that there are several kits available using Citroen 2CV as a donor that look similar to old Morgans.
What is it ? - borasport20
Mare - I know the kit cars you mean, (Lomax i think) but this is much smaller.

Think of one of those BMW motorbikes with the roll-over hoops, shrink it a bit and put 2 wheels at the front

Bora - what Bora ?
What is it ? - PoloGirl
Could it be that dutch car they had on top gear a while back? The two sections turned independently from eachother. Maybe I've not explained that very well, but I remember the v attractive bloke (the little one - richard??) had a whale of a time in it!

What is it ? - borasport20
That was my first thought - I remember the TG presenters having a real scream.

This is probably about the same size or smaller, definitley rigid, and might seat 2 side-by-side

Bora - what Bora ?
What is it ? - Morris Ox
May be it was a Beetle which saw a gap that never was between two lorries...
What is it ? - Dynamic Dave

That was the Vandenbrink Carver. www.motobykz.co.uk/Carver/Carver.htm
What is it ? - borasport20
DD - what i've seen looks like one of those...


if it was
going backwards
didn't tilt
had been built by a pram manufacturer in the sixties.

I see it most mornings on the B4238. It looks very frail, and the other day it sounded ill as well. The young girl driving it (no helmet) looked very uncomfortable

Bora - what Bora ?
What is it ? - Garethj
This is one of those things that's been bugging me for a while, the mystery car isn't one of these by any chance? www.qbmotorcycles.co.uk/scootcar.htm Scootcar also do a 4 wheel version too I believe.

What is it ? - borasport20
Gareth - since I first posted, I havent seen the thing again until yesterday morning !

and yes, thats the beast. Fine for tootling round some meditteranean holiday isle, but you wouldn't get me in one on an A road in rush hour traffic in this country.

Your'e a star !

Bora - what Bora ?
What is it ? - Garethj
Happy to help, especially with something obscure!

What is it ? - blank
That thing is insane, you'd have to be mad to ride one!
What is it ? - Clanger
Yes but the options page lists a "towing kit". What would you tow with it, I wonder ...

Stranger in a strange land
What is it ? - No Do$h
... and a bull bar. The mind boggles.
What is it ? - Wales Forester
I get the impression that the 'towing kit' is to enable you to tow the Scootcar rather than enabling it to tow something!

The four wheeler looks like fun, wish i had a spare few grand to splurge on one.

What is it ? - borasport20
Every morning I drive out of Wigan on the B5238, and see her coming the other way. She will be driving in a solid 3-mile, downhill queue of traffic with loads of lorries and buses - It would take a braver man than me to do that !

There is nothing on the website about the engine - i assume its a 2-stroke, and on one day when it sounded very much like a 2-stroke in trouble, the girl driver looked absolutely petrified.

Bora - what Bora ?
What is it ? - Garethj
Auto Express say that there's a 50cc, a 350cc and a 500cc available, as well as electric power. Two stroke engines have pretty much died out now, even scooters have 4 strokes for the emission laws. If it sounded like a 2 stroke it must have been serious!

What is it ? - BrianW
If the 50cc is classed as a moped I presume that it is restricted to 45kph (27mph).

Mixing that (or a restricted moped) with traffic doing up to 70mph is a brown trouser job.
At night, in the wet?
Shorter life expectancy than a rear gunner in Bomber Command (Poppy Day reference).

Whoever dreamed up that restriction should be made to ride a moped to that specification, with someone following behind with a bucket to shovel up the pieces.


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