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Are there anyother backroomers out there who are adult members of staff in the ATC, or any other youth organisation? I recently rejoined the ATC as an adult member of staff and the other happened to ask the other staff whether I needed additional insurance if I ferry cadets around in my own car. They said it was something they had never considered.

Well I've just fired off a letter to my insurance company raising the question, but wondered if anyone here could provide a quicker reply.

I have seen the thread from June ( which is similar I guess, but this situation is slightly different.

At the moment I am a civilian instructor and as such I will only receive fuel expenses and no other pay. However, if I go into uniform as a reservist (training branch), then I wouldnt exactly receive a wage, but there are bounties paid for duties carried out. Is that classed as for hire & reward?
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pdc - I used to be a Scout Leader and I remember checking through my broker, and as long as there was no element of hire & reward, which there wasn't, there was no problem.

Better informed minds than mine will hopefully be along shortly, but i cannot see your bounties constitution hire & reward

p.s. - isn't it about time they returned Woodvale to its proper function of a Sprint venue for Longton & District Motor Club ?

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I'm a Guide leader, and sufferred from some confusion over this a couple of years back.

My own insurance has no problem with me carrying Guide passengers, as long as it's not for hire or reward, as above.

However, Guide Association insurance does have a problem. I needed to be fully comp (was anyway). The car must have adequate seatbelt provision. Ideally they said that Guides should not travel in private vehicles on trips/outings etc, but if it was just a private arrangement (ie lifts to and from the meeting place) there was no problem as their insurance only came into effect when the Guide arrived at the meeting place.

If there was ever lack of space on the minibus or coach and a private car was used, I used to take one of the Young Leaders with me who was over 16 and usually over 18.

Now you see why I was confused! I think until someone actually sues, the policy will remain as loose as it is.

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