ULSD Diesel - GolfR_Caravelle_S-Max
Driving to work today, I recalled something from a few years ago.. When the UK moved to ULSD (Ultra low sulphur diesel) the tax / duty rate was reduced by around 3p/litre.
see hansard report at


It was introduced gradually, and now I think it's probably universal. I can't recall that 2-3p/l reduction on duty ever being passed on to the consumer.. Or that ULSD was pushed at a cheaper price...

perhaps that's why some soopermarkets are able to "absorb" the cost of the tax hike - the fuel vendors have been saving the difference since...
any comments / opinions?

ULSD Diesel - LongDriver {P}
I recall that tax change coming into force.

Don't you remember when diesel went through a phase of being a good bit more expensive than petrol??

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