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Steering wheel vibration. - AZ
I am new to diesel,and was wondering whether anyone can shed any light on diesel cars.
I have a 1993 Toyota Carina E diesel,and the problem I have is when stationary and the engine is idling after warm-up,the steering wheel vibrates when its in the straight normal position,if you turn the steering wheel slightly right or left,it reduces dramatically. When the car is being driven,there is no noticeable vibration,it is only when stationary. When sitting in stationary traffic it is very annoying,and the only way to reduce it,is to touch the accelerator pedal and rev it very slightly. Have tried increasing idle speed,but then the problem I encounter is that,in the morning when the auto choke comes on,the engine seems to be revving very fast until warm up.
Steering wheel vibration. - Aprilia
Its obviously a resonance induced by the diesel engine vibration.

Check your engine moutings are in good shape (could be perished/cracked after 10 years....) and check that rack and column mountings are tight. Other than that there may not be a lot you can do.
Steering wheel vibration. - Sooty Tailpipes
Do you have adjustable steering? If so, try it in a different postition.
Sometimes, with age, the 'teeth' on the adjuster can wear against each other, a thich grease may help if that is the source!
Steering wheel vibration. - Peter D
You have rear engine mount about to, or has failed, thus the excessive vibration. Regards Peter

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