Settle an argument for me?! - Wrighty
Backroomers expertise required...

Had a 'discussion' at the weekend with an elderly relative regarding when her childhood village (Bramcote nr Nottingham) was split in two by the A52 bypass. I am sure this was in the late 60's she thought it was the 70's.

As she is 'always right' I am relying on you good people to tell me when her back garden was tarmac'd?

Settle an argument for me?! - Flat in Fifth
Was at Notty uni from 70 on and it was dual then more or less on its existing route. Though not as wide as it is now I must admit.

Come on Wrighty, you can now score from the rebound!
Settle an argument for me?! - Wrighty
Thanks for that, shot looks likeit going in the back of the net!


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