ABS on the Ford Focus - a303
I'm considering buying a nearly-new Focus, either Zetec or LX. I'm keen that it should be fitted with ABS, but I'm unclear when this became standard fit...

I have a post-facelift brochure which my friendly local Ford dealer gave me last month, which says that only Ghia models have ABS as standard.

However, I also understand from Ford's website and what the salesman said that all models now have it fitted as standard.

Does anyone know:
1. When Ford first included it as standard.
2. How I can tell whether a car is fitted with it - other than attempting an emergency stop!

ABS on the Ford Focus - Wales Forester
I think that since the facelift, ABS is standard on all models except all CL models and 1.4 variants of the LX but I may be corrected on this.

ABS on the Ford Focus - Chas{P}
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ABS on the Ford Focus - AR-CoolC
I have a 2004 model year Focus Zetec (1.6) on order at the moment, this has ABS and side air bags as standard.

From what the lease company are saying it is only a very recent addition to the trim spec, so if your looking for a nearly new model with ABS I would think you will have to look for one where it was added by the first buyer.
ABS on the Ford Focus - Ellen
Yes, up until at least the 2002 MY, only the 2.0 Zetec/Ghia had ABS as standard (and discs all round), otherwise you are looking for a car that has the "reflex pack" option. Some of the higher spec cars have the ESP option where you can turn off the ABS/traction control, but if a car had that option fitted it would be advertised as "Zetec ESP" since it's a good selling point.

It's probable that any standard-ish nearly new focus does not have ABS.

To tell, whe you put the key in the ignition and start the car, you see the ABS warning light come on then go off, just like the other dashboard lights.
ABS on the Ford Focus - Andy22
as far as i know jan 2003 onwards
ABS on the Ford Focus - DavidHM
Jan/Feb 2003 on, so if it's on an 03 plate there's a pretty good chance that it has ABS.

2.0 models (at least the Ghias and I think the Zetecs) have always had it, as have TDCi 115 Ghias. Not sure about other TDCi 115s; obviously the ST170 has it. TDCi 100s almost certainly don't.

If you want to check without getting the keys for the car, anything with rear discs has ABS.

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