I have a 2004/54 Primera DCI that I purchased about a year ago with 36k miles on the clock and full Nissan service history. It has run well, and for a diesel is very quiet. It has recently been serviced at just under 48k miles. However, since the service, when accelerating, especially at motorway speeds, there is a faint but noticeable whistling noise that neither my wife nor I recall hearing before. Is this something that I should be worried about? I have always simmered the turbo during my ownership after a high -speed run. In addition I note on your web site that there was a recall in Sept 2005 of DCIs for reprogramming of ECU's (recall no YD22 100KW), one of the symptoms being a whistling noise. How do I find out if my car was subject to the recall, and if so, whether the modification has been made?

Asked on 10 October 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Go to a Nissan dealer and he will find out if the TSB is registered on
Nissan's central computer. If Nissan paid a dealer to do the TSB, it will be on there.
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