Citroen ZX Please Help - c_k_b_69
I've had a problem with my Citroen ZX 1.6i (Jreg, 1991) Since I bought it 6 months ago, and it's slowly getting worse. The specifics of the problem have baffled everyone I know. Mechanics say I should get a full service first. (Damn money chasers!)

So to the problem....

When ever I take the car to just under 3000rpm (Around 2800-2900) The car will either misfire, or backfire. At any other engine speed it's fine. And when I keep it out of gear it will happily go to the red line with no problem. It's a strangely specific problem.

Another thing is the power steering occaisionly cuts out with out warning leaving me to perform a 3 point turn with no PAS, then it comes back on after a few seconds.

Any ideas would be really useful,

Thankyou in advance,
Colin Bell
Citroen ZX Please Help - bazza
Well I'm no expert on these but I would start with the easy things to eliminate. Have you changed the leads and plugs? Also worth substituting another coil. It sounds like an ignition problem. Worth trying the simple things before making complex diagnoses!
Citroen ZX Please Help - M.M

>>Mechanics say I should get a full service first. (Damn money chasers!)

Sorry (and somewhat as bazza says) they are giving you damn good advice.

There is no point in tracking a specific fault that could be service related until all the service items are up to date. Then you can look a little further into ign leads and the like followed by some serious investigation if the problem persists.

It is quite possible that during the service your fault will be obvious to a mechanic.

Citroen ZX Please Help - tonyh
Colin, my daughter has exactly the same car as you,(without power steering),when they had a fault with their car I bought Gunsons fault code reader for about £18 and it proved invaluble in finding faults we didnt know it had.If you take 10 minutes to read the instuctions they are very easy to use,HTH Burman.
Citroen ZX Please Help - Hugo {P}
Full service seems to tbe the first step, especially if it's due.

Alternitively, you could go for doing this yourself. Change the plugs, oil, filter and air filter and fuel filter and test those leads and coil etc. See if that cures the problem. Also a fiver spend on some injection cleaner won't go a miss.


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