Omega v6 Auto problem - Gaz71080
Hi All

I have a problem with my Omega auto gear box, when I select sports mode and then accelerate hard at about 80mph the gear box drops out of sports mode and goes into some sort of limp mode, the engine management light does'nt come on but the car pulls like its stuck in 4th and it will not go back into sports mode, If I turn the engine off for a second and then restart, it goes back to normal.

It is a 1997 2.5 v6

Thanks for any help

Omega v6 Auto problem - Dynamic Dave
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Omega v6 Auto problem - Sooty Tailpipes
Have the codes pulled at a friendly Vx dealer.
It's not really a DIY job, except for checking the fluid level with the engine running.

S mode, increases the hydraulic pressure and changes the shift parameters, the problem could be mechanical or electronic, best let a dealer see what the code is, that will throw up a "bad solenoid" or something.

Good luck.
Omega v6 Auto problem - Gaz71080

Thanks for the advice, I am having the oil level checked today and I will let you know what happens.
Omega v6 Auto problem - robert
The Vauxhall auto boxes are designed so that the engine can't be over revved.

This over rides both the gear selector and the sport mode button and.

However, this effect only comes into play when the rev-counter gets up near the red line.

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Did you ever get to the bottom of this problem?
I have a very similar fault.


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