VW Passat alarm problem - pinkbob
Hi folks, I've recently bought a 1998 VW Passat 1.6 and I must say I luv it....but, the alarm goes off after about 1 hour of activating, so I now have to leave the car open, Someone told me that it could be because the climate control was cooling down and different flaps were closing creating a voltage drop so activating the alarm, any comments?, if that were the case, how can the alrm be made less sensitive or does someone have answer to my problem? thx
VW Passat alarm problem - shoei
Have a look in the car-by-car breakdown on this site, look under VW Golf, I know the Golf had the same problem in its early years and was fixed under warranty,I have not looked, but was the Passat alarm faulty as well?
VW Passat alarm problem - Aprilia
Two guys that work for me from time to time both have Passats. (1999 models I think, not entirely sure). Anyway, one had a load of trouble with the alarm and related problems with central locking. It was all eventually fixed under warranty.

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