Nissan Customer Care - Andrew Griffiths
Anyone had any good or bad experience with the Nissan Customer Care Dept? I had a starting problem with my 96N Micra 1.0S (bought secound-hand from a main dealer in mid 1998), which I found out (from said dealer) was due to a faulty temperature sensor telling the engine to inject too much fuel.

I asked HJ for advise and contacted the Customer Care Dept, who said it was a problem that affected chassis numbers including mine. I was suprised and pleased that they said the faulty unit would be replaced at my convenience at Nissan UK's expense! Since then I have noticed a 5% increase in fuel efficiency - a good result all round!

On the other side of the coin - my dad's 96P Ford Fiesta has had over £400 worth of suspension repair carried out recently, on a car which has done less than half the milage than mine! I know what manufacturer I won't be looking at when I replace my car!
Good on you, Guys - David Lacey
With service like this, they'll go far.
Re: Nissan Customer Care - Mike Holland
I had a Primera that would occassionally jump out of top gear. I took it to the supplying dealer within a few days of it reaching 3 years old. The dealer checked with Nissan Customer Care and the car was sorted. I was delighted and impressed.

Mike Holland

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