Primera anyone??? - jammods
Thinking of looking at this vehicle as follows:

W Reg, 27000 miles. Silver Metallic. Full dealer service history. 1 Owner. 23 month Nissan Warranty and Breakdown Cover.Aircon.PAS.ABS.Alarm.Central Locking.Airbags.Electric Windows.

Asking price is just under 5k, sounds reasonable with the warranty

Anything to watch out for with these, and any opinions/alternatives?



Primera anyone??? - Aprilia
I think these cars are pretty-much bullet proof and many clock up mega-miles as taxis. I assume it is the chain-driven-cam petrol 2 litre?? The diesel is not very smooth. The 2 litre petrol engine (SR20De) is as used in the 200SX and has gained an excellent reputation for performance and reliability. Handling is very good indeed.

The gearboxes had a reputation for going weak on 1-2 synchro - but later ones were improved. Gearchange in cold weather can be notchy but may be improved by filling with a 75W-90S GL5 synthetic oil, rather than the 80W-90 that Nissan recommend (3 litres required).

The HJ CBCB makes mention of difficulty in changing coolant - I don't understand that comment because it is very easy - pull off bottom hose and undo 13mm plug in front of block. Then refill with 3.5l of Nissan OEM antifreeze and equal amount of distilled water.
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I had a 1997P 1.6LX as a company car. I ran it for 50k with no problems whatsoever. To be honest I was young(er) and thoroughly thrashed the poor thing, but it stood up to it very well indeed. Nothing ever went wrong and it handled brilliantly - great fun really. The 1.6 was not fast, but remained reasonably refined to the red line and the seats were excellent.
The car stayed with the company and continued to give trouble free service to well over 100k. Strong car I would say.

hth a bit
Primera anyone??? - peterb
I used to drive a 2.0GT and have also had a 1.6 and "standard" 2.0 as hire cars for a week each.

They're bullet-proof, handle well and the petrol engines are great (even the 1.6 is suprisingly lively).

Deisel versions have a porr reputation and I seem to recall HJ not liking the 1.8.
Primera anyone??? - joe
I have a 1997 P 2.0 SE with all the toys. Great car.

It is not much to look at, but neither am I, so we are well matched. Lovely smooth engine and excellent handling. The gearbox can be a little notchy, and sometimes I yearn for a smoother ride over our bumpy country roads, but apart from that I cannot fault it.

Sounds like a good price too.

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