Ford Fiesta. Speedo & Rev Counter probs. - CB
My wife has a T reg 1.4 petrol Fiesta. Under normal cruising, everything is normal, however under moderate to hard acceleration, the engine response is strong and healthy, but the speedometer and rev counter suddenly drop to zero. Easing up on the throttle or allowing the engine to catch up brings the rev counter and speedometer instantly back to normal. The car has now done over 80K with this fault but the local Ford dealer has no ideas. The problem annoys harder driving daughter who now has the car. Any ideas??
Speedo and Rev Counter die during accele - CB
Any ideas?
Speedo and Rev Counter die during accele - Peter D
Sounds like a loose connector or broken wire in the cable harness to the engine thus the engine movement is triggering the problem. Having said that I have come across the problem with the multi connector on the back of the instument panel. It is odd that both fail as they are not related other than by the power rail and earth return. Regards Peter
Speedo and Rev Counter die during accele - Hugo {P}
Do the lights and other displays go out at the same time?

If so, the earth or a common rail power supply on here is a good place to start, followed by the connector itself.

If not, check continuity of solder joints on the connector and the PCB.


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