Importing from Germany. - Stevie
I am looking to import a new Beetle from Germany.

I am looking to buy a secondhand (LHD) Beetle. They are soo much cheaper.

However I am a bit sceptical and would appricate some advice. Has anyone out there done it before? And if you have, do you have any advice or know of anywhere I should be looking?

I really want a new Beetle, but I am too skint to afford a pukka UK model and do not want to pay the extortionate prices that some people are charging in the UK.

Cheers in advance

Re: Importing from Germany. - Andy Bairsto
Buying in Germany is no problem.You as anon resident will be given a 3 day plate by the dealer which includes insurance and costs around 25ukp.You will be given all docs and you drive to the uk.You take the papers to your nearest tax office with uk mot if it needs one and they will give you a plate corrosponding to the year of manufacture.Simple ,There are hundreds for sale round Germany all ages and specs. If you have any questions e mail me.
andy bairsto
Re: Importing from Germany. - Stevie McMahon
What about buying from a private seller. Does the same apply with the plate for 3 days. Also is it true that if the car is over six months, then you do not have to pay any VAT. or tax just the registration.
Is there similar to a HPI or AA check in Germany. Scared I buy an absolute LEMON and end up bankrupting myself.

Sorry bout all the questions!!!!


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