Juicy Cupra - Jase
Hello All,

I bought a 2001 Leon Cupra 20VT from a SEAT dealer in June. It was an August 2001 one owner car and now has 15K miles. We are very pleased with it indeed but the first three tanks of fuel have only averaged 26 - 27MPG. This is on mixed driving. Some excitement sure but not continual racing. This economy seems poor to me and is worse than other owners have reported on the SeatCupra.Net site (they cite 30-32 avg). The car seems fine but I suspect something may be a little out. I wonder if anyone has any experience of these cars, has suffered poor economy (or is this the going rate??) and can suggest any possible problems. Car is due for service in a couple of weeks and if I can suggest an area to investigate it would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.
Juicy Cupra - Malcolm_L
Mention it at the service, A colleague has the 1.6s which started drinking fuel prior to its 10k service.
After the service everything was back to normal, unfortunately no notes on the service sheet to give any clues.
Juicy Cupra - DL
I remember my Cupra to be a thirsty old beast

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