Rallying - Rozzer
Hi Chaps/Chappeses!

Just a quick question. Myself and my brother are going to be bought for our birthdays (30 & 28) a half day rallying course (we have no experience apart from our youthful experiences on the country roads--I know slapped wrists...) or maybe longer...if the price is right (i.e. if you guys give it a great recommendation we'll pay for the full day)

Anyhoo I thought I would ask you keen backroomers if you have any suggestions for any companies or race areas? I am based in London and my brother is based in Leeds so I reckon we have most of England covered.

Anyone got any thoughts?


Rallying - Cyd
Most of the proper performance car mags (as opposes to soft porn peddled as car mags) have ads in the back for rally schools.

I've been to several across the Midlands and my favourite was at Manby in Lincs (where incidently we wrote the rally car off on a subsequent event) - can't remember the name of the school though. Most give good tuition and an excellent experience for beginners and experienced alike.

Go for the full day.
Rallying - Altea Ego
Nicolle bought me a day rally course several years ago. Best fun I have ever had. Phil Price in wales.
Go for the day course, because they induce a bit of competative spirit by haveing race-offs. Winner gets a trophy (ok its cheap and nasty but still sits proudly on the mantlepiece) You get driven by a top driver on a stage (scary or what) and the top runners get to drive a stage with an experienced co-driver reading the pace notes.

Have fun
Rallying - BB
I went to one in Loughborough. The company was Orange something or other.
A full day driving of Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V, Sierra Cosworth and an older Toyota Camry!

Although it was a full day, we were only in the car driving for about an hour in total. I expect it will be the same at most places.

However very good fun.
Rallying - Cambridge
I can echo Renault Family's opinion. I did the Phil Price rally day. It was great fun. Lively cars, excellent tutors, very friendly.
No idea on cost as it was a present from the Mrs.
Go in the winter as mud is better than dust.

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