95 RON/97 RON-Which One??? - novicejon
I have just been reading the thread in the discussion area about petrol types. I have just bought a new car, a 306 xsi. This is much newer than my last car and so would I benefit from the advantages stated in the above thread from using a higher RON rated fuel. I don't really understand what it does or when to use it. Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

95 RON/97 RON-Which One??? - Roger Jones
Your new car doesn't need a RON rating higher than that indicated on the sticker on the inside of the filler-cap flap or in the handbook, or both. You won't do any harm going to higher RON and, with the likes of Shell Optimax, you could do good because of the claimed benefits of its detergents and other additives. However, that'll cost you extra, and it depends what your priorities are.
95 RON/97 RON-Which One??? - novicejon
The sticker on the inside of my filler cap is just a pB sign with a line though it, which I know means unleaded but should I presume that this also means that any unleaded should be sufficient?
95 RON/97 RON-Which One??? - Roger Jones
If you don't have a handbook, give a Peugeot dealer a call to be sure.
95 RON/97 RON-Which One??? - Vagelis
Your 306 most probably requires just 95RON. If it is the 2.0lt model, probably requires 97/98RON. Higher octane means better combustion for your engine.

95 RON/97 RON-Which One??? - novicejon
It is the 2.0 16 valve version so I think I might try some 97/98 RON in it next time and see how it goes. Thanks for all your help.
95 RON/97 RON-Which One??? - RogerL
Modern engines only perform better if they have a knock sensor and an ECU which will adust the mapping to take advantage of higher octane fuel. Having said that, the performance/economy increase is proportional to the change in octane number, for all practical purposes. Therefore changing from 95 to 97 octane fuel is only worth about 2p/litre, but the cost premium is always much higher. Unless you take part in track days, use the LOWEST octane suggested by your car's manufacturer.
95 RON/97 RON-Which One??? - Kimion
I own a 8v 2L xsi, and the manual just says it can take 95 or 97 ron with no problems

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