ZX Cold Start (Again) - johnny l.

thanks for all of your replies to my question in this forum. A great help. I have started a new thread as the last one went a little \'off subject\'.

Previous thread for reference is:-

To do with the ZX TD cold start...

I checked the glow plug power with my multi meter. It is providing a steady 12V and shuts off after 20-30 secs or so. I have checked the resistance on the old plug behind the pump (that can\'t be removed) and that seems to be ok (offering the same resistance as the other new plugs).

So that doesn\'t sound like the problem.

I have looked at the fuel leak off pipes on the injectors, but can\'t see anything as the intercooler is in the way.

What I can see is that there is an awful lot of what I suspect is old diesel fuel that looks like it is getting blown out of either the rightmost injector / or out of the top of it (as I can see fuel pooled around the base of the injector). I am pretty certain this isn\'t oil as the consistency is all wrong and the fresh stuff around the injector base looks very like diesel.

Is it worth taking the intercooler off to investigate? And if one of my leak off pipes is damaged, can I replace it? where is the best place to look for a replacement, and what should I ask for?

thanks again,

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