Micra - starting problems when warm - Carolyn
My L-reg Nissan Micra starts normally from cold, but once warmed up becomes a nightmare to get going. The engine turns over but just will not fire - this happens when the engine is warmed up and is even worse in hot weather. It feels like the engine is flooding.

My local garage (ex-Nissan dealer) have tried everything they can think of to no avail including fitting another throttle housing (a second-hand one). Otherwise the vehicle runs OK. Any ideas?
Micra - starting problems when warm - Aprilia
Coolant temperature sensor and the wiring harness to it.
Micra - starting problems when warm - mare
Not quite the same problem, but a note for anyone looking at Micra's generally: My S reg Micra 1.0 flooded twice in the same circumstances. in both cases i had moved the car off the drive on a cold night and parked up. The engine ran rich because it was cold and flooded. The first time i called the AA out, and they cleaned the plugs, the second time i left the car for two days, thinking that as if by magic it would "unflood". It didn't. Out with the AA again.

Makes you wonder about people who leave their car outside their garage and then drive it in last thing at night, can't be good the the car.
Micra - starting problems when warm - Aprilia
This is a known problem. I think there's a modified harness for the coolant temp sensor - ask your dealer.

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