Rear-ended, need witness - Gazza
I have just been rear-ended in my QX at 5.30pm today, Tuesday 19th August 2003, on Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach near the BMW/Renault yard, by an agressive and unreasonable motorist (He would not even give me his address, despite asking twice. However, he is bigger than me and quite aggressive so I did not argue)

It was a black, blackened windows car, with an unreadable plate. It could be EDZ113 or BDZ113 or EDZ1B or BDZ1B. It could be a Toyota or Lexus but I am not sure. If anyone can make out what car and plate it should be, or witness the accident, please contact me.

I have contacted the Police, insurance company and my solicitor but without a plate, it is difficult to file an investigation.
Rear-ended, need witness - Dynamic Dave
Not sure who you would ask, but were there any traffic surveillance cameras around that might have filmed and recorded the incident?
Rear-ended, need witness - Dwight Van Driver
Could be a creature of habit so if you are local to where the accident occurred try this.

Go to the area where it happened half an hour before it happened and stay for a hour this evening to see if the vehicle appears.
No luck then try in 7 days time.

If he is a daily/weekly traveller you may be lucky.

Rear-ended, need witness - teabelly
Some insurance companies online quote systems match number plates to vehicle descriptions so if you run a few quotes up to that stage trying out those number plates one of them might come up as the type of car you think it is. Did you get insurance details out of this guy? If not I would assume he isn't insured and the car isn't likely to be registered in his name either which will make him even more difficult to trace.

Rear-ended, need witness - 3500S
I'm sure that the Blackwall tunnel is CCTV'd. You might get lucky. DWD suggestion is the best way to go though.
Rear-ended, need witness - ajit
checked on the AA data site

EDZ113 not known
BDZ113 Transit van
EDZ1B not on database
BDZ1B. not on database
Rear-ended, need witness - Aprilia
Friend of mine was in his nearly-new Volvo and got sideswiped by a silver Audi A4. Driver was well dressed and looked respectable, spoke very little English (friend thinks he was Somali) but managed to give his name, address and of course registration.
Sadly all turned out to be false - plate belonged to a Toyota. I think there must be a lot of false plates about. Police told my friend that they can't do anything for him.
Rear-ended, need witness - Jonathan {p}

Sorry to hear of your accident, I hope you get it sorted out. This sort of thing happening makes it very sensible to carry a disposable camera in the car at all times, you can then take pics of the offender, their car and the damage, also any witnesses.

Rear-ended, need witness - HisHonour {P}
If he refused to supply his name and address you should have called the police immediately. Why is there confusion over the plate? Did you not take a note of it at the time?
Rear-ended, need witness - Peter D
After the horse has bolted, but always carry a disposable camera in the car and at any such incident take a photo. However I suspect this guys plates are false and the vehicle is not insured. Use all avenues and press the Police for action. They can also obtain the CCTV camera data from the Tunnel to ID the plate.

Good Luck. Keep us all informed.
Rear-ended, need witness - Peter D
Try DEZ113 Ring DLVA, Although under the data protection act they can not tell you who it belongs to they will say yes or no to your questions i.e. do you have a vehicle registration number DEZ 113 etc etc. Then if you hit on it and for a small fee they will disclose in writing the details of the owner. Good Luck
Rear-ended, need witness - ajit
DEZ113, not found on database, time to view the CC camera
Rear-ended, need witness - Obsolete
Gazza: sorry to hear about the problem.

I carry a cheap camera with me, and would photograph the other car and mine. However what I have read here suggests that it would also be a good idea to photograph the other driver. Of course that might induce them to throw a wobbly.
Rear-ended, need witness - number67
couldn't find the AA data site - however was it a 2 not a Z?
ED2113 ETC??
Rear-ended, need witness - Altea Ego
As a traffic blackspot, the approaches to the Blackwall Tunnel are CCTV'd. A complaint to the kent police re three offences 1/failure to provide details, 2/threatening behaviour 3/dangerous driving, should see them trawl the footage for corrobative evidence of your complaint.
Rear-ended, need witness - Gazza
Thank you very much for all your help and advice. I shall carry a camera in car from now on.

I got the number plate but the alpha-numeric characters are not the standard type. The characters on the plate are the ones that all blur together. So I cannot make out the first two characters and the last two characters.

I have informed my insurance company (Tesco), solicitor and City or London Police (Snow Hill in the City, off Farringdon Street). The duty officer was very nice and he said it is likely to be an Irish Plate Company Car. It is traced back to a company called Challenger Security, Bow, E3, but the police has not contact telephone nnumber.

I shall relate this information to Tesco and solicitor tomorrow morning and see if they can make sense out of the information.

Rear-ended, need witness - Alf
I may be wrong but these sound like diplomat no. plates. If that is the case then you may have trouble getting anywhere due to 'Diplomatic immunity' and all that rubbish. Hope I'm wrong.



Not diplomatic - CMark {P}
Alf, definately not diplomatic plates issued in UK. They read 123D456 for full-blown diplomatic or 123X456 for consular.

As has been alluded to above, I reckon they are from Northern Ireland as Z was not issued in mainland UK (AFAIK). Z is used in Northern Ireland. This may also be why it does not come up on the search.
Not diplomatic - v0n
I always thought Irish registration plates were two numbers (year), one or two letters (region), four numbers (the ID).
Not diplomatic - Aprilia
That's the Republic. NI has UK-style plates, but with Z or I and no 'date' letter.

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