1995 Micra Cold Engine Whistle - cathybt5
I have a 1995 Nissan Micra and up to now it's been brilliant. Recently it's developed a whistling sound when first started - this seems to disappear once the temperature gauge goes over the lowest point (ie into the actual guage on the display), so i presume (i have NO technical knowledge whatsoever) this means it stops when the engine is heated to 'useable' temperature.
Has anyone any idea what this could be, and what i should do?
Many thanks.
1995 Micra Cold Engine Whistle - DL
Vacuum leak
Air Leak
Whistle of air flowing through the idle bypass valve (Which would be operational during cold start)

It could be any one (or more) of these causes.......I suggest you find a mechanic (They can be found in pubs on Sunday afternoons y\'know!) and ask his/her opinion...
1995 Micra Cold Engine Whistle - cathybt5
Thank you very much, i'll try and investigate your suggestions further.
1995 Micra Cold Engine Whistle - Cliff Pope
Fan belts are often sqeaky/whistly until warmed up
1995 Micra Cold Engine Whistle - SjB {P}
You beat me to it Cliff!

Although my current V70 does not have this trait, the two Vectra V6s and the Rover 420GSi that preceeded it all did, even in warmish weather, though not when as warm as at the moment.


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