Rover 200 Foglights and paint scratch re - Mike200
Does anyone know if the wiring is already there for foglights on a Mk 3 (bubble shape) 200?

I fancy fitting some from a scrappie but have had a look and con not find the wiring any where.

I was wondering if there is a kind of 'link' to be fitted when the kit was originally bought, and therefore my car hasn't got it.

Also, some swine has left a lovely big scratch in the paint work, about 20 cm long and 7mm and its widest, along the front wing and onto the drivers door.
Does anyone have any idea how much this would cost to have sprayed because it looks ghastly. The paint is metallic and I dont have the bottle to do it myself.
Rover 200 Foglights and paint scratch re - Godfrey H {P}
"Chips Away" will fix the scratch for around £100 and do a good job.

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