BMW 330d Whine - NARU
My 330d has developed a nasty whine - it started at 63mph, but is now present at most speeds. Seems to be speed related.

The dealer has changed the diff (£1100!) but it has made no difference. They now reckon it must be the propshaft bearings. I'm not so sure - it could be a gearbox bearing? Has anyone come across anything similar?

The A/C has also packed up so its going to be an expensive service when it goes in next week - I'm glad its leased and I'm not paying the bill!

The car is just coming up to 73,000 miles on an X plate (Sept 2000).

BMW 330d Whine - Aprilia
Could be a few things:

Prop bearing makes a fairly high-pitched noise - almost a rushing sound. Cheap and easy to replace.

Could be wheel bearing (does it change on corners).

Could be 'box output bearing.

If it changes with the throttle (i.e. load, trailing throttle, produce change in the sound) then it must be drivetrain related. If it changes with cornering then likely to be wheel bearing related.
BMW 330d Whine - NARU
Thanks for the thoughts - It definately is drivetrain related. I know I'm not paying the bill, but the fact that they mis-diagnosed it once means that I'm not confident!

My guess is the gearbox, but the garage think propshaft.
BMW 330d Whine - Dude - {P}
This could well be the turbo bearings, - my son had the same problem with his 530d, and it sounded just like a gearbox whine, - only his turbo went at only 19k miles. If you look in car x car breakdown for the 5 series, the turbo problem is mentioned.

Let us know the final diagnosis, as several on this forum would be interested to know the outcome.
BMW 330d Whine - Dude - {P}
Just to add to my earlier thread, when my son took his car into the local main dealer, they did`nt really have a clue as to the problem, saying that although it sounded like the gearbox, they were`nt aware of any box problems. He continued to drive the vehicle until the turbo finally went bang one morning en route to an important business meeting,(s**s law), and had to be towed into another dealership for repair, which was fortunately under warranty.
BMW 330d Whine - DL
Perhaps a reason to avoid the 300/530d then?

I\'ll be watching this thread with interest.
BMW 330d Whine - Aprilia
Turbo noise will be engine-rpm related, whereas drivetrain noise will obviously be roadspeed related.
BMW 330d Whine - Dude - {P}
Marlot, just wondered if you`ve had your problem whine diagnosed yet???

Please keep us updated as to the outcome
BMW 330d Whine - NARU
It's going into the dealer on Tuesday so I should have an update then. Thanks for all your contributions everyone.
BMW 330d Whine - NARU
An update on this whine.

I booked the service with a different BMW dealer this time and asked them to investigate. They took it on three test runs and on their rolling road with a stethoscope and they're sure it is the gearbox.

Although the car is under 3 years, the mileage (73k) takes it out of warranty but they're going to see if BMW will contribute.

I've heard of BMW 3 litre diesels knocking out the diff before, but this is the first time I've heard of the gearbox. Hopefully mine is a one-off. Not that its failed yet - it still works fine, if getting a bit whiny (is that a word?). I guess the torque of the diesel is much higher than the other engines.

If/when the dealer get the go-ahead to replace it I'll tell you guys whether it fixed it.

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