Anyone else been offered this? - Blue {P}
I got a letter this morning from Ford, noting that I had taken out their free insurance deal they are now offering me 6 sessions of advanced driving tuition with the AA dricing school.

The sessions cover All Weather driving, Night Driving, Skid Control, and Higher speed Motorway Driving. Probably some other bits and bobs as well.

This is all free, and I get to go out in a nice Focus Ghia, all at Ford's expense. :-) Obviously I'm going to accept it, providing it isn't a pass plus certificate, which I already have. I feel that a free opportunity to brush up on some driving skills which may have started to slip after a couple of years at the wheel is too good to pass up!

I think this is very charitible of them, although they obviously think that by offering this they reduce the liklihood of them receiving a claim from me. Still pretty clever though.

Anyone else had a similar offer?

Anyone else been offered this? - NitroBurner
Like the sound of the 'Higher Speed Motorway Driving' bit...
With a bit of luck they'll take you in a Focus RS & let you max it!
Anyone else been offered this? - THe Growler
Charitable it isn't, you can bet a team of suits in the Accounts Dept worked out there's a bottom line in FoMoCo's favor on this. But it makes good sense because it is a tangible benefit to the customer and it also cements the buyer relationship.

Nice to see this kind of investment in what the pimples like to refer to as the "customer's product experience" (takes 3 years in Marketing before you learn to talk like that) than money wasted, for example, on that ridiculous ooo-aah-how did-they-do-that-Honda commercial, which is absolute twaddle.

A very good idea on Ford's part I would say.

Anyone else been offered this? - HisHonour {P}
The sessions cover All Weather driving, Night Driving, Skid Control, and
Higher speed Motorway Driving. ............

Sounds like fun. You will get to drive on a motorway at up to 70 mph! Surely they will be sticking to thge speed limits?
Anyone else been offered this? - Blue {P}
Well maybe *they* will stick to the speed limits ;-)

Don't worry, I'm only kidding. I'm sure I'll have to stick to limits rigidly. :-(

It'll definately be in Ford's best interests as well, after all, they are giving me free insurance and I'm a high risk driver statistically, by sending me on this they reduce their liklihood of receiving a claim.

I'm well chuffed, I always fancied a little extra tuition but it was always something that I would put off, and I couldn't afford it either which didn't help!

Anyone else been offered this? - Welliesorter
Spotted an article about this on the What Car? site:
Anyone else been offered this? - Welliesorter
...but my link will only work if it isn't followed by a full stop: .
Anyone else been offered this? - Blue {P}
I reallt should read other News sites now and then! :-)

I'm still surprised that they're offering it to me seeing as I've already bought a car. Still, if it reduces the liklihood of a claim and makes me a happier customer at the same time it's probably worth it for them.

After all, which company am I now even more likely to think of re-visitng when it comes to car changing time again?

Anyone else been offered this? - teabelly
I read about it from one of the links and it mentioned that it seemed to be a condition of the ford free insurance which suggests that if you don't do it then the insurance would be cancelled or other terms would be imposed. I doubt if Ford are giving it away as the cost of the course would be added onto the price of the car...

Have you checked the amount of your excess?
Anyone else been offered this? - dave18
You're a young driver, the 'free' insurance is costing Ford quite a lot, so the advanced driving lessons presumably reduce costs for them. :)
Anyone else been offered this? - Dan J
Teabelly has a very good point here Blue Oval...

The excess on these policies were I think 150 quid originally. Nothing spectacular there - but it has now crept up, even unbeknown to the Ford dealers to 650 (could be 600, can't remember).

From what I've heard, FMC have had their fingers burnt a bit. Free insurance is a fantastic way of shifting metal, especially to the younger people who'd be paying near on 4 figs a year anyway. Problem is they still have accidents etc and the insurer has clamped down a fair bit.

Make the most of the free extra tuition though! I don't think everyone is getting it - mainly people under a certain age. I imagine the insurer has made a "demand" on Ford who in turn know quite well few people will refuse these extra lessons.
Anyone else been offered this? - Blue {P}
My excess is £500. That's pretty awful I know, but it's only £50 more than the one that I already had, so it's not a major worry for me, I have the money sitting there waiting to be used in case of emergency.

If I make a mitake and have to fork out the excess, then I will simply revert to my plan B of selling the car and getting a cheaper one to free up capital. Not ideal, but I wouldn't mind.

The course is definately optional, but I'm never one to look a gifthorse in the mouth, so I rang up this morning and the AA will be getting in touch later in the week. :)

Anyone else been offered this? - teabelly
The what car article said this:

"Buyers who have recently passed their test or do not have any no-claims discount must complete the course if they want to take advantage of Ford's free insurance offers."

I assume you have either passed your test more than a year ago or have ncd so it wouldn't be compulsory for you but would for others.
Anyone else been offered this? - Blue {P}
That's right, it's over 2 years now, plus as they already entered into the contract and had signed on the dotted line there's not a lot that they can do about it! :)


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