water leak - mk2 Golf - leeboy
just the other day i noticed water dripping down the right hand side of the passenger footwell carpet,its been dry weather for 2 weeks,it only happens when engine is running,could this be the heater matrix?

my car is a golf gti mk2 16v 1988 f reg
water leak - pmh
If it is in footwells most likely cause is plastic door membranes. Do a search, it is very well documented all over the www.

pmh (was peter)
water leak - Andrew-T
lb - if water is in inner part of footwell, heater matrix is a possibility (if that is where Golfs put it). That being so,

- does the liquid taste of antifreeze (sweet) and does it look rusty?
- is the coolant level dropping?
- what can you see above the footwell using a torch and a mirror?
water leak - pmh
My original reply was to a post that did not specify where the leak was! The post seems to have changed!

Take back what I said(unless it is a lhd Golf), and I thoroughly agree with AT answer!


pmh (was peter)
water leak - Big John
There was a recall on Golf Passat heater matrix's and bypass valve. Check with a VW dealer, you may be suprised!
Mine was done FOC, they even washed the car!

water leak mk2 golf gti - leeboy
Thanks for replies to previous post. I have found out it is the heater matrix that ruptured flooding hot water into the footwells. I've contacted VW who are going to look into it. Does anyone know of recalls related to this? Are VW still liable to repair this fault even if the recall work has already been done once?

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