Air lock in cooling system - Vectra - RS2000

Any one tell me how i get rid of an air lock in the cooling system?

I\'ve got a 97 (P) Vectra, I\'ve run the engine for about an hour with no cap on. Revving it up to normal op temperature, letting it spit all the water out & refilling. Then doing it again. But i still got air in the system. I\'ve tried driving about for a while with no cap on, but still got air in there.

Any one think f any other ideas please.

Many thanks

Air lock in cooling system - M.M

Your good intentions to clear this air could well be the cause of it.

Look at this post from David W a while ago. It refers to Citroen diesels which are known to need care on re-filling.

However it is perfect for any car that is giving trouble.

As the method mentions the two most important things are a head of water (coolant) and finding the points to bleed the air from.

Air lock in cooling system - Dynamic Dave

Are you refering to this one?
Air lock in cooling system - M.M
Many thanks DD I did mean that...the link is still hanging on the clipboard this end!

I don't regard the Vectra as a troublesome car to fill/bleed but that method linked to is the belt and braces one if you are struggling.

Air lock in cooling system - Vectra - RS2000
Cheers for that guys, i'll giv it a go tomorrow & c if i can get it sorted...



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