Fiesta power steering noise - jojo

anyone know what this might be? I have just noticed a noise which appears to me to be power steering related. It only happens after car has warmed up but whilst stationary I get a high pitched whining noise, if I turn the wheel to any degree (either direction) it disappears for a just a second and then resumes. If the wheels are dead ahead whilst stationary it also does it. It doesn't appear whilst driving or at least I haven't noticed it!! Fiesta is T Reg Zetec (no air con)

Fiesta power steering noise - steve_rt
i know it sounds raelly simple, but have you checked the fluid level, a friend of mine had similar symptoms and it was just a low fluid level!
Fiesta power steering noise - jojo

thanks...sorry, should have said earlier!!...level fine, no loss of fluid whatsoever, what's more there is nothing else different about the steering than usual
Fiesta power steering noise - Dynamic Dave
A whining noise sounds like the belt could be too tight. Try giving it a dusting with talcum powder and see if the noise stops for a short while.

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