Insurance Query - joe
I have a query relating to my and my wife's cars.

We have 2 cars, a Seat and a Nissan. The Seat is in Mrs Joe's name and is insured by her, fully comp with me as a named driver.

The Nissan is in my name and is insured by me (fully comp), with her as a named driver.

Trouble is, she hardly ever drives the Seat and prefers the Nissan. Therefore, the kiddies seats and all related clobber is permanently in the Nissan, and I drive the Seat.

In reality, the Seat ought to be registered and insured by me, and the Nissan registered and insured by Mrs Joe. This would involve changing both logbooks (which would show an additional owner on the records) and changing both insurance policies.

Am I taking any kind of risk in continuing as I am?
Insurance Query - DavidHM
Theoretically, your insurance could refuse to pay out on the grounds that the main driver is not who you say it is. This is hugely unlikely, and in one case, you're overpaying, so the Insurance Ombudsman would not let them get away with that, not that they'd even try.

There's no need to switch the logbooks around. Most companies allow a car to be owned by one spouse but insured by the other. Another thing is that switching the logbooks could be taken by potential buyers as an attempt to disguise who the previous owner was if they wanted to check the mileage or history.

If you want to be absolutely above board, speak to your insurance company/companies about switching the main driver around, either keeping the policy holder the same - effectively meaning that you're each accruing NCB based on the other's driving - or switch the policies altogether.

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