306 Dturbo exhaust + Dump Valve - jim_mapps

Just had a full Mongoose decat system fitted to my 306 - it's making a loud whistle when the boost is running, is this just the sound of the turbo cuz of the silencers being removed or is there a problem???

Also can I fit a dump valve to this??? would sound good with the whistling exhaust.

306 Dturbo exhaust + Dump Valve - Vaughan
Hello Jim. Please see my reply to your D-turbo tuning thread as of a few days ago for more information.

The whistling is normal with an aftermarket exhaust, you have reduced the amount of back pressure in the system and the turbo will sound like that now.

Dump valves do nothing on diesels as there is no vacuum - if you install a boost gauge you will notice that the engine never creates "negative" boost - but they have been made to work properly now. They are expensive though, upwards of £150 I believe.

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