boot won\'t open - mk3 Fiesta - rawedge
afternoon all,

got a problem with my boot on my mk3 fiesta
it won\'t open.

the key will turn in the lock however it won\'t actually unlock
i can open it from the inside by using a screwdriver to move something on the latch that releases the lock - or pull the metal bar when the black panel is removed from the inside of the boot door.

i have tried wd40\'ing to see if that had any efect but none.
with the key turning I think that part of the lock is fine but obviously another part isn\'t, any suggestion to a fix?

anything i can get from a scrappy or am i gonna need a locksmith or a trip to a garage, any ideas of cost?
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I've done this on an old Cav. Assuming the Fiesta is similar you should be able to remove the lock entirely from the boot quite easily. This gives a couple of low cost options.

1. Try to find the same part in a breakers yard or motor factor.
After failing this we went for option 2.
2. Using a couple of screwdrivers and some brute force you should be able to pull the lock apart and put it together so that it never locks.
This may be slightly more convenient, depending on your lifestyle.


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Might be a worn key. They seem to work OK in a worn lock / ign but give problems in an unworn lock. A new key works everything OK
Is it the original lock? Any of the (Chubb, I think) keys will lock, but only the correct one will unlock.
boot won't open - rawedge
I've got a spare key over at my parents house, i think i'll go over and try that, if it works i might just have to get a new key cut.
boot won't open - rawedge
thought i'd update you
tested the spare key and it opened the boot fine first time, so the problem is the worn key

i tried to find a place to get it a new one cut from the spare but the bloke was gonna charge £15 to do it which i thought was a little pricey the bloke mentioned something about decoding the key, I wasn't to sure what he was on about as there is no remote sensors its a standard ford key (one of those thin cylindrical type ones).

i tested the spare key allround and opened the doors and started the car - had difficulty getting it out of the ignition when i turned the engine off and ended up cutting two fingers trying to get it out.

is £15 a fair price for a new key
what is this decoding the bloke was on about?
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If the key has the transponder for the immobiliser (a little red square) £15 sounds about right.

As for the key getting jammed this is due to the ignition barrel wearing as well as the key. You will eventually need a new one and one for the boot if that is playing up. It is a common problem across all the Ford range with this type of lock - the soft metal alloys they use for locks and keys wear out. They can be built to match the existing keys and lock, but budget on £50 per lock.
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ISTR there was a weird phase with Ford locks somewhere around the early to mid 90s, where the metal used for keys had been switched to a tougher variety but the locks hadn't followed suit, so ignition failure was a massive problem, especially on Mk3 Fiestas.
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Thanks for the advice on this thread guys, my mums mk3 fiesta has had the same problem for about 6months, the boot and passenger side lock wouldnt work, but after reading this i tried the (never used)master key on it and both locks worked first time!

Another success for the site!

boot won't open - james_60

my key is worn i dont use my spare because it is going rusty it was a key cut by ford in the 90's my original key is some sort of solid metal instead of that plated spare i have,

sometimes i have probs unlocking but never with the ignition.


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swmbo had her fiesta fail its mot-no access to boot. seems she left it at the testing station with the spare keys so she wouldn`t have to take the house key off the key ring of the keys normally in use. the spare keys wouldn`t open the boot lock. the tester therefore couldn`t inspect the inside of the boot.shame really after she hoovered it out and polished it as well.

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