mondeo lockout - lockedoutrobin
Travelling through Austria and somone tried to break in to my W reg diesel Mondeo LX. So now the drivers door wont open at all ( can't remove the trim from the inside), remote control key doesn't work. Alarm indicator light on the dash is permamnenly on and there is an irritating click from within. Passenger doors and boot will only lock manually and I have to climb over the passenger seat to get in to drive - it still starts!. Any ideas or help? If I could break in without causing damage to the drivers door at least I coulkd get the trim off and try for a replacement lock. I presume the alarm will have to be reset at a Ford dealers - is this correct
mondeo lockout - Chas{P}
The easiest way to get this sorted would be to go to a dealer.

They can connect your Mondeo to the FDS/WDS system and quickly identify the cause of the malfunction. It sounds like the deadlock on the drivers door is not releasing.



mondeo lockout - lockedoutrobin
Thanks charles. I suspected that I would have to go to a dealer

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