End of Warranty - get an Inspection? - Armitage Shanks{P}
My car is going for its first MOT, 10 days before the manufacturer's 3 year warranty expires. It all seems to be working fine - a/c, electric gizmos etc.

1. Is it worth asking the MOT garage, a main agent who supplied the car, to see if they think there is anything that needs doing? (Would they tell me?)


2. Is it worth spending £99 on a full inspection offer which has just appeared on the HJ website opening page? Comments and ideas welcome!
End of Warranty - get an Inspection? - Hugo {P}
I would suggest perhaps asking the garage where you're getting the MOT done to quote for inspecting the warranty items. These will be spelt out in your warranty documentation.

End of Warranty - get an Inspection? - Pugugly {P}
Just done this with Sis' Puma. MoT was due on 1st Sept. and her Warranty ran out the same day - got it tested last week mon the basis if for example the Cat was shot that there might be a claim. In the event it was ok apart from an "advisory" on the back tyres.
End of Warranty - get an Inspection? - M.M

Hmm...for the £99 of the used car check you could get a medium service at an independent that would include all the items** in the inspection and get your oil/filters changed as well..

Obviously it may not include the looking for accident damage and checking the car ID but you don't need that stuff if it is already your own car.

Note the inspection excludes some of the most likely troublesome areas on many modern cars...Alarms, air-con, electronics(!) and so on.



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