Daihatsu Sirion - automaticallyuk
Has anyone got any views on the Daihatsu Sirion, in particular the 1.3 EL model?

Well equiped car £8k, before haggling.

Should do 50 mpg, and at 118 bhp/ton should be quite fast.

Cheap to insure too.

Any views?
Daihatsu Sirion - DavidHM
As ever, resale is difficult on Daihatsus, and if you keep it until it's older I wouldn't bet on parts availability being too hot - at least not at reasonable choices.

I've never driven one, so I can't comment on what it's like to drive, but it does appear to have nicked the front end styling from the 95 Scorpio and the interior feels old and plasticky. (And based on that, I wouldn't hold out on it being the most modern or pleasant to drive on the road, or have a crash in for that matter).

Against that, it is quite a lot of car for the money, decently fast as you say, and you might even like it - in which case you can hardly fault it. But I wouldn't be rushing to sign for one.

For my money, the best small automatic is either the Yaris or the Micra, with the Fabia as an outside contender as it's a bit pricy.

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