Nissan X-Trail - LongDriver {P}
Right you lot! A couple of questions:

Anyone got an X-Trail?

I'm looking for best new price as all of the second hand one's I've seen ARE at "new" prices. Best priced 2.5SVE petrol so far is £18850 inc RFL/registration/delivery. I want one of those or the 2.2TD SVE

Any of you got one and have any comments?
Nissan X-Trail - jd

I've had an X-Trail 2.2 diesel Sport for a few months now and I think it's great. Lovely to drive, practical to live with and it gives a real feeling of being a 'good buy'.

Not at all flashy but it impresses everyone who rides in it - this including some 'exec' style friends with their company BM's and Audis.

I moved from a Passat Tdi and was worried about the performance but the X-Trail is a far better drive, solid, sure-footed and a great mid-range punch. When fully loaded there is no difference to the performance (due to the high torque ?).

Slight doubts about the longevity of the metallic-style trim (seems to scratch quite easily), but apart from absolutely no problems in 8, 000 miles. Averaging around 38mpg.

Can't comment on the petrol version though.


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