Squealing clutch - Ian Aspinall
I have a Cavalier convertible which I bought for a song earlier in the year when the weather wasn't so good, and it's really come into its own this last few weeks. Except for one annoying fault that's developed recently...

At idle, with the clutch pedal fully depressed, there's a fairly loud squealing noise, which remains constant whether in gear or in neutral. It quietens down when the pedal is released, but is still just about audible. But if I hook my foot under the pedal and lift it up slightly, the noise stops altogether.

Other than that, the car drives fine - the clutch isn't slipping, and gearchanges are smooth.

Any ideas, folks? Is the clutch on its way out, does it just need adjusting, or is it more likely to be an internal gearbox fault?
Release Bearing! - David Lacey
This noise is undoubtedly caused by the clutch release bearing. This bearing bears directly onto the clutch pressure plate diaphragm spring and transfers the movement from your foot to the aforementioned spring, engaging and disengaging the clutch as desired.

This bearing is rotating at some speed at all times, the load upon it is increased when the clutch pedal is depressed. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't rest your foot on the clutch pedal when motoring.

You could get away with replacing the bearing, but with the ease of access to the clutch assembly on these models, you might aswell fit a new clutch.
I think the book time for this job is about an hour.
The parts shouldn't cost more than £50 - £60

Otherwise you could drive on regardless and wait for the noise to get louder and louder - if it breaks up, it will take the clutch with it at the same time, beware!


Re: Release Bearing! - Mike Jacobs
David, I thought that the clutch release bearing only turned when there was pressure placed upon it via the clutch pedal and that is why it is important to have the cable properly adjusted so that the bearing isn't turning all the time.I agree that in this case it is undoubtedly the release bearing that's the culprit.
Re: Release Bearing! - Michael
i understood that the release bearing on some cars turned all the time.
Re: Release Bearing! - Ian Aspinall
Thanks all - after several weeks of the clutch making this noise but not getting any worse, I came off the motorway after a longish drive this morning and the screeching was ear-splitting, so it looks like your advice came just in time. Have booked it in to have a new clutch fitted tomorrow.

Thanks again,

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