High TPFT insurance - Ian Browning
I own an old Skoda Favorit. My insurance renewal has jumped to 214 pounds for TPFT cover. I have not claimed and feel this is unreasonable for a car worth less than 500 pounds.
Is there a specialist insurance company that caters for no frills insurance? or should I sell my Skoda and look for a classic car instead?
Read your article every week in the Telegraph, keep up the good work!
RE: High TPFT insurance - honestjohn
Dear Ian,

All motor insurance premiums have increased considerably over the past 18 months to help meet the high cost of underwriting claims. If all you want to do is cut your insurance costs you could consider a 'classic' on an agreed value policy (numbers in my column of 4th November which you can find in The Eelctronic Telegraph).

But you have sent your letter to the reader's forum, so if any reader has any ideas, please post them in the forum.