Honda civic stereo error - quantumman
I recently bought a 2001 honda civic. When I switch on the stereo I get an Error E message. I have the stereo code which I tried entering but with no success.
Any suggestions on how to fix this problem without going to a honda dealer.

Honda civic stereo error - Ivor E Tower
Appears that whoever you bought it from tried unsuccesfully to enter the code a few times and the radio now needs re-setting. You may have no option but to go to a dealer although you could try a car audio specialist first.
Suggest you go to a dealer and play all innocent "I've just bought this car and cannot get the radio to work. What do I have to do? Any chance you could show me?"
You may get it sorted for free this way......
Honda civic stereo error - Michael123
Is it a UK built Civic (3 or 5 door) with the original built in unit?

If so, there was a problem with a batch of these from the supplier, after a period of time the unit will shut down and will not accept the code.

You will have to take the car along to a dealer, but they will replace the unit for you under warranty.

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